You can never have too much storage space… that’s the bottom line. Conquering clutter and having somewhere to organize all your stuff in very often just an aspiration for many people, but doesn’t have to be. You can achieve a clean and organized look in your home with the addition of built-in cabinetry. Imagine having the ability to hide all your unsightly, but necessary things behind closed storage, while being able to display your favourite books or art collection on open shelves! What about a built-in desk with plenty of cabinetry… a perfect arrangement for your home office. Built-ins can provide the best storage solutions to meet all your practical needs, as well as add exquisite character and considerable value to your home.

Anita Vizzini Design can manage all your storage requirements by executing practical, beautiful designs, taking into consideration the style and feel you want to achieve, and maintaining the integrity and character of your home. Our goal is to create a smooth process for you, from beginning to end, by providing you with detailed elevations drafted on AutoCAD, complete with all dimensions and aspects of the design to be incorporated, be it shelving, drawers, media space, and so on. In addition, collaboration with the millworker is our key to ensuring that the vision on paper becomes reality in your home.

Design Fee: please contact us for pricing information