The kitchen is the heart of your home. Here meals are prepared, families gather, and let’s face it… it’s definitely the hot spot during any party. More often than not, kitchens are sterile and uninspiring, not to mention poorly designed, making them very difficult to work in. They are also usually the most expensive room in the house to renovate, but also the room that can make or break a sale if you ever plan to sell your home. Don’t have the budget to fully renovate? How about a face lift instead?

Anita Vizzini Design can help you through this very daunting process in whatever capacity you choose, whether this means helping you select cabinetry and fixtures, coming up with a functional layout, or taking care of the whole project from start to finish. This service is completely customizable and extremely valuable. It will undoubtedly guide you down the road towards a successful renovation… or a face lift.

Design Fee: please contact us for pricing information