Have you ever sat in your living room, staring blankly at your furniture, wondering how to create more space or how to make larger rooms seem less sparse? You wouldn’t be the first person to encounter this dilemma. As city condos decrease in size, while suburban home only get larger, it’s no wonder that many people are left confused and overwhelmed by the mere thought of making their space livable. Don’t despair… the solution is here.

This service includes a thorough assessment of your space to determine the physical configuration of the actual area. Is it an open concept design? Is there a fireplace to consider? Is there adequate space to allow traffic flow? What is the size of the room? These are just some of the details to bear in mind when planning a furniture layout. All layouts are drafted with the AutoCAD computer software (Computer Aided Drafting).

Furniture layouts are created taking into account these three crucial factors:

1. Determining the appropriate furniture dimensions in relation to the available space and providing you with minimum and maximum measurements of each potential piece.

2. Considering traffic flow patterns, to ensure that there is enough open space to move around freely, as well as ensuring that the layout will allow the room to feel open and airy.

3. Considering room utilization. Will the room be used for TV watching? Reading a book? Office space? By keeping in mind how the space will be used on a daily basis, we ensure that the layout is completely functional and adapted to your needs. .

Design Fee: please contact us for pricing information