Far too many times a home or condo is put up for sale without generating any real offers from potential buyers. In the competitive world of real estate, all steps must be taken to ensure a successful sale and home staging is undeniably the key to achieving this success. The goal of staging is to make the space appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby reaching a sale more swiftly, at a higher price, hence making this service a “must” for any home or condo owner.

With a staging consultation by Anita Vizzini Design you will gain valuable information and staging tips, all designed to maximize the value of your home and give it a competitive edge in the marketplace. Beyond the consultation, Anita Vizzini Design also offers full home staging services that range from decluttering, rearranging your existing furnishings and accessories, to even going as far as facilitating any recommended cosmetic changes and working with furniture rental companies to bring in appropriate pieces into the space. Whatever your needs are, our focus is on improving your home’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive space that will make any buyer feel at home.

Consultation Fee: 350.00 plus HST for 2.5 hours
Full Service Fee: please contact us for pricing information