“My interest in design has always been very clear to me, even at a very young age. While my creative side appeared whenever I immersed myself in a drawing, blissfully producing illustration after illustration, I was truly much luckier than that…I grew up watching my father build our family home from the ground up. I vividly recall the times I hung around him while he diligently put up walls and laid down floors, and seeing that I was visibly fascinated by the whole process, he would even let me hand him a tile or two once in a while. I cannot help but feel privileged to have had this experience, even as just a child, but it surely strengthened my belief in what I already knew…that I was meant to fulfill my passion for design.

Embarking in the interior decorating field of study was truly a remarkable and gratifying experience, both personally and professionally. It enhanced my design creativity exponentially, provided me with a wealth of detailed knowledge, and emphasized the value of always and only striving for the highest standards of design. And now, fully connected to this amazing industry, I cannot imagine a better way to carry out my vision and apply my creativity, while enjoying every moment of it…truly.”

Anita Vizzini is a Certified Interior Decorator and an Accredited member of CDECA

2008 CDECA Gold Award recipient: Interior Decorating Category

2011 CDECA Silver Award recipient: Interior Decorating under $25K Category

Anita Vizzini Design is a fully insured and registered company