Beautiful Wallpapers

One of my favourite design trends is incorporating beautiful wallpapers in my interior decorating projects.  I love everything about wallpaper, from the amazing patterns and textures available, to its ability to instantly elevate the look and feel of a space.  Whether you’re a fan of pretty florals, trendy geometrics or textured grass cloths, you can be sure to find the perfect option for your space among the endless sea of choices available out there.  Here are some of my favourite wallpapers… they’re trendy, striking, and really scream ‘high-style’!



Animal prints anyone?  This trend is so hot right now, and why wouldn’t it be? This wallpaper is totally eye-catching and stylish, perfect as an accent wall.


Kasbah in Damson

I absolutely adore this Moroccan-inspired print!  The graphic pattern in this bold, rich colour really makes a statement and infuses an element of fun into the space.


Alscott Grasscloth

Adorned with a beautiful motif that adds a ton of sophistication and flair, this wallcovering offers an elegant twist to the typically rustic feel of grass cloth.


Vogue in Citrus

I love the fresh take of this leafy print, paired with the light and bright look of chartreuse.  This tone on tone palette is the perfect compromise for those who love the look of wallpaper but prefer to introduce it in subtle ways.



How fun is this wallpaper?  The peacock feathers are whimsical and unusual… a definite statement in any room.


Bravo in Black/White

The bold contrast of black and white stripes is just fantastic!  What a dramatic way to update a space and add style.


Addington Fabric

Can you believe that this wallcovering is actually fabric?  A gorgeous metallic background with these beautiful rosettes is simply stunning!


Lamps Flock in Charcoal

High drama!  This charcoal paper with printed lamp motifs has a funky, theatrical element that is both striking and glamorous.  Look at how beautifully it complements this pink lampshade.  A great way to showcase colour!


Sofi in Damson

Fun and colourful, these horizontal stripes are sure to energize any room with these dynamic and vibrant colours.


Strike Shell

I love this snakeskin print on a pure, white background…a modern print with mega style!



Augustus in Ebony

This black and white geometric print is one of my favourites.  This one has a soft element introduced by the curvy details, while the contrasting colours contribute to the drama of this beautiful wallpaper.

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