The Florals Trend: Merging Fashion with Interiors

Floral patterns have been around for a long while.  Whether in fashion or home interiors, they have evolved over time and continue to undergo these changes with each season.  Well, this spring is certainly no different.  Florals are definitely back and here to stay for a while yet.  From large patterns to small prints, you see them everywhere…a trendy top, a gorgeous chair, a cool painting, you name it!  I’ve done a little research on the matter and have come across some simply stunning “spring-filled” rooms that showcase the perfect way to incorporate floral patterns into your home without going overboard.  Wondering how to get the look?  Keep reading and take a look at these pretty home accessories that can help you in your quest to achieving the best “spring-loaded” room.


The Florals Trend: Image courtesy of In Style

And here it is… the florals trend!  This is definitely a pretty, soft look, perfect for a dress and a toss cushion all the same!


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Angus Fergusson

How chic and pretty is this room?  Check out how beautifully florals are introduced in the soft white panels.  The bold shades of pink in these flowers certainly awaken this room and introduce a fresh, spring atmosphere.  The black toss cushions with the white floral pattern contribute much interest and provide a sophisticated feel.


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Kim Christie

This has to be the happiest room ever!  The bright yellow accents, set against the crisp white furnishings is just fantastic.  Note how cleverly florals are introduced here in the form of bold artwork.  Lovely!


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Angus Fergusson

The bold blue palette in this room reminds me of a seaside getaway.  I love how the floral print is used on the upholstered pieces as a large pattern, and on the draperies as a small pattern that simply works well to create a cohesive look.


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Kirsten Hinder

These chairs make a definite statement in this large print floral fabric.  They do wonders to
soften the cool, hard edges in this classic room and introduce a playful, whimsical element effortlessly.


The Carly Chair: Crate and Barrel

The classic shape of this chair against this soft, updated floral pattern is just exquisite! I love the light, bright feel of the yellow frame.  A great accent piece!


The Olivier Chair: West Elm

A contemporary take on floral upholstery, this modern chair is quite attractive in the blue-gray and brown palette.  It really fits well in any modern space without feeling stuffy or traditional.


The Burnet Pillow: In-Style Decor

With a beautiful array of bold colours, the floral aspect of this pillow is simply striking.  Perfect to revive any room!


The Chrysanthemum Pillow: In-Style Decor

Check out this stunning pillow!  The embroidered details give it a traditional feel, while the bold colour palette screams contemporary.  I love this one!


Kiku I: Leftbank Art

Floral artwork with a super-modern twist!  This piece will brighten up any room in the house.


Majestic Floral II: Leftbank Art

Isn’t this the prettiest watercolour piece of art you’ve ever seen?  I love how the soft pastels blend in with each other, introducing a definite touch of spring in the air!


The Margaritte Embroidered Panels: Pottery Barn

These drapery panels are the perfect accessory to bring in florals into your space.  The bright and cheery pattern, set against the soft cream background is understated but has loads of personality all at once!


The Vanessa Floral Panels: Pottery Barn

With a more traditional take on florals, these drapery panels are really a lot of fun.  They are ideal for introducing a bit of colour and a lot of charm into your space.

Are you sold on the Florals Trend yet?  Send me your thoughts!

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