Keeping up with 2011 Decorating Trends

One great thing I find about the design industry is its ability to constantly develop… it’s totally inspiring every single day!  Decorating trends arise, evolve, eventually disappear, and then tend to resurface once again when we least expect it.  I had the opportunity to attend a “2011 Design Trends” seminar this week and, as always, I found myself to be quite fascinated by the changes in our industry.  From the resurrection of light wood and brass to the use of animal print and bold colour, this year shows some real promise in the “change” department.


When I came across this image, I was completely blown away by how well all of today’s trends were incorporated in this space.  As you’ve probably already heard before, grey is the “new neutral”.  Look at how beautifully it works here as a backdrop for this striking light wood console, brass accents found in the lamp bases and artwork frame, and fun animal print on this gorgeous chair.  Let’s not forget the bold hits of colour saturating this room…the vibrant red really makes a statement and makes this space come alive.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor




Supreme Sidebar: Elte

That’s right, light wood is back in and espresso finishes are out!  I know, you’re wondering why I would choose a piece that incorporates light and dark wood then, to replicate this room.  I have to say, I still love dark wood, it does wonders to ground the space and let’s face it, it looks stunning against the softness of the doors on this beautiful sideboard… a great alternative to the one used in the inspiration room.


Sherrer Louis XVI Arm Chair: Korson Imports

This chair offers the perfect eclectic mix of old and new.  I love the traditional Louis XVI style of the chair frame, totally updated by the black upholstered seat and lacquered finish… and of course, the unexpected funky zebra print gives this chair a definite, modern twist.


Red Shimmer Velvet Pillows: In Style Decor

In my opinion, colour is always in style.  Our inspiration room is saturated with beautiful crimson red accents that infuse a ton of fun and personality to the space.  To replicate the look, I chose these rich velvet toss cushions with just a hint of gold along the trim.  A perfect addition to the colour palette!

"Red Revolution IV": Leftbank Art

I love the boldness and graphic element of this art piece.  Just like in our inspiration room, this print is the ideal candidate to inject instant drama and vitality to the space.  The gold leaf frame adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise super-modern piece of art.


Emherst Lamp: In Style Decor

When you think of brass, you probably automatically imagine those dated fixtures you might find in your grandparents’ basement.   Well, no more!  This table lamp is totally chic, contemporary, and yes, it’s brass!  What is the difference, you ask?  The modern take on brass now calls for a more distressed, brushed finish that steers away from the old-fashioned polished look.  Along with the clean, rectangular lines of this white linen shade, a pair of these beauties is definitely a winning pick for our replicated room.

Now that you’re up to date on what’s hot out there, go ahead and do the same in your space… just remember, if you own a piece that you absolutely adore, keep it…what you love is always in style!

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