Wall Clocks or Works of Art?

Part of my job description as an interior decorator involves going out to source products for my projects.  During one of these fun shopping trips, I happened to visit a very trendy showroom, Suite 22.  Located in Markham, Ontario, Suite 22 carries modern, Italian furnishings and accessories, including the coolest wall clocks I’ve ever seen! 

Gone are the days when wall clocks were merely a functional tool, designed just to tell the time.  From funky cuckoo clocks to graphic wall art, the possibilities are endless, especially at this fabulous showroom!  Take a look at these interesting finds… they don’t disappoint!


Colour, colour, and more colour!  Made out of Murano blown glass strips, this clock is so much fun… it’ll surely to brighten up any space!

En Suspend

Unique and multi-functional, this sleek wall clock comes with its very own coat hanger hook!  To top it all off, it’s available in a rainbow of colours to suit any taste.  Just take your pick!


I love the graphic and whimsical elements of this double frame lacquered clock.  Very cool retro feel too!

Ci Vediamo

How many shapes can you make with metal wire?  This lacquered metal wire clock is truly a work of art… very graphic.


How cute is this cuckoo clock? Constructed out of wood, this neat clock comes in black, white, green, and red lacquer.


Modern glamour!!! I love it… I want it…


Clock and wall art, all rolled into one!  I love the whimsical butterflies breaking away from this gorgeous clock.  Very pretty!


Four clocks in one… you’ll never get those time zones confused again.  Note how each clock features a different number…creative!

Non Ti Scordar

The composition of metal square shapes that make up this clock reminds me of a bunch of sticky notes.  You’ll never forget what to do next! 

Cucu Wood

An updated version of the traditional cuckoo clock with an element of rustic charm… perfect for the cottage!


This clock is fabulous!  Oversized and created out of knitted cotton, it’s so unexpected and unique!  The cotton cover is completely removable and washable… imagine that!

Fuso 2

This graphic clock is made out of Murano glass.  I love the dramatic effect of its glossy black finish and its element of fun accentuated by the oversized numbers. 

I could really go on and on about the options available, but I think I need to stop now!  These are some of my favourites… perfect for many interior decorating projects I would say.  If you’re interested in seeing more, check out www.suite22.ca.  Happy shopping!

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One Response to Wall Clocks or Works of Art?

  1. Laura Kutner says:

    I have never especially liked hanging clocks on a wall for the same reason you mentioned – they really have been “merely a functional tool” in the past. But now that I see this post, it a completely different story! The very first clock, “Arlecchino”, is just amazing! It would not only add colour to any of my rooms but for me, it would also be a pleasant reminder of the very colourful costume mask Arlecchino (Harlequin in English) known very well to Italian culture – I love it for so many reasons!

    I also REALLY love the Butterfly. Definitely something I would choose for my own place. So original! I’m thinking I may look into adding a wall clock to my collection of accessories…thanks for your post!