Decorating with WHITE

There is something fresh, pure, and utterly soothing about an “all white” colour palette.  Think about the crispness of freshly washed laundry, the purity of falling snow flakes, the soft petals of a beautiful white lily… just imagine it.  I love white for these reasons and more, and I certainly enjoy using white in my decorating projects, whether it means incorporating it as the main backdrop to colour, or simply introducing it with accent pieces. 

Image courtesy of House & Home

This image inspired me to write this post.  I love the simplicity of the white pottery, layered on the white lacquered dining table, and of course, let’s not forget the sleek, white chairs!  So clean, fresh and alluring… the perfect spot for a hearty breakfast.



Pure White Ceramic Glass: $10 to $89 at West Elm

This beautiful pottery collection is perfect as a grouping or as stand-alone pieces that can be incorporated in any room of your space.  A great way to introduce white!

Bubbles Ceramic Side Table: $129 at West Elm

How adorable is this ceramic side table?  It can really add texture, depth, and a ton a personality to any room.

Gilbert Chair: $65 at Ikea

This white stackable chair is a definite winner for an “all-white” palette.  It has a light, feel and it’s so pretty too!

Fan Coral Embroired Pillow Cover: $39 at Pottery Barn

I love this creamy white toss cushion with the coral embroidery!  It screams “summer cottage”… very uplifting!

Wave Sideboard: $779 at Structube

The wave details on this sideboard add so much texture; it could really be a focal point in the room!  I love the modern, linear shape of the piece against the flowing, three-dimensional aspect of the doors. Just fabulous! 

Smart Marble Round Coffee Table: $349 at CB2

This has got to be my favourite cocktail table ever!!! A beautiful marble top against the polished chrome finish of the base.  What a great way to use classic stone with modern design elements! 

Murano Dinnerware: $12.95 to $15.95 at Crate and Barrel

Here are the perfect white dishes, in my opinion.  Clean, simple shapes against the high gloss, iridescent finish.  I love their ability to reflect light.  Simply stunning!

White Painted Dining Table: $1150 at Casalife

This classic pedestal white table is an excellent choice for a white palette room.  It has a simple, curvy shape that fits well with modern décor, while the round form of the tabletop is the ideal conversation facilitator and perfect for squeezing in an extra person… or even two.

How do you feel about decorating with white? Have you come across the perfect piece?  Please share your thoughts!

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One Response to Decorating with WHITE

  1. Laura Kutner says:

    I LOVE every white piece you mention in this blog. It reminds me of the white accent pieces, the white dishes, bowls, mugs and serving platters (and even tea pots) that made up some of my favorite features of our first condo – of course, with your guidance and direction. I still feel that white has such a clean, modern feel to it – love it as both a ‘backdrop’ colour or used in accent pieces.

    My very favorite piece here is definitely the wave sideboard – it got me itching to go shopping for more white!! Thanks for sharing there beautiful pieces and fabulous ideas!!