Menswear fashion through the eyes of interior design

It’s a well known fact that fashion trends change continually and (in the process) influence the interior design industry immensely.  Whether the trend du j’our revolves around colour, pattern, style, or a combination of all these, fashion is always such an inspiration.  There’s something about flipping through the pages of those beloved fashion magazines that has the power to make you feel so connected and stimulated… at least it does for me!  So why not infuse some of these magical feelings into our surroundings and experience them everyday?  I certainly would…

One of the 2011 fashion trends that I’ve really been drawn to this year is the Menswear craze.  Aside from the stark, orderly structure reminiscent of a men’s suit, I also find myself very drawn to the earthy feel of this trend’s palette, the natural, raw quality of the fabrics and the sophisticated, commanding air it emanates.  To me, this fashion trend is all about effortless, uncomplicated confidence. 

Image courtesy of IN STYLE Magazine

A sea of chic grays, warm tans, and striking black and white contrast!  Here it is… the Menswear Trend!  How does it measure up in its translation to the interior design world?  Well… take a look!

The Tailor Sofa: $1999.00 at Crate and Barrel

This three-seater sofa is absolutely STUNNING! This has got to be one of the best representations of a men’s pinstripe suit ever!!!  I love the masculine feel of the fabric against the soft curvy arms.  It screams confidence without being too austere.

Solid Outdoor Woven Pillows: $20.00 to $33.00 at West Elm

Simple and organic, the earthy tones of these outdoor toss cushions are the perfect allusion to the Menswear trend. 

Iron and Steel Media Stand: $1736.00 at Casalife

 I have to say, this media unit is indeed very manly… and I don’t mean it in reference to TV watching.  This piece is actually constructed of iron and steel, a very modern, industrial take on a more traditional style. 

The Otek Stool: $ 605.00 at Casalife

How smart is this swivel stool?  I love its modern shape and the stainless steel finish of the base against this very mature, masculine houndstooth pattern.   Very chic!

The Bond Chair: Elte; visit showroom for pricing

A “man chair” all the way!  The worn brown leather against the charcoal metal frame is the perfect combination of materials and a true statement of interior design.

The Pimlico Tripod Boom Arm Lamp: Elte; visit showroom for pricing

This old-world tripod floor lamp is all about strong, solid lines with just the right hint of curvy details… a definite statement of confidence and class. 

This is my take and interpretation of the Menswear fashion trend and its effect on the design industry.  Each one of these pieces really speaks to me and truly radiates a ton of assertiveness, strength, and genuine style, making them the ideal conversation piece.

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One Response to Menswear fashion through the eyes of interior design

  1. My name is Andrew Metrick and I’m from Elte. I just wanted to thank you for featuring some of our products in this blog post. Elte’s a family business that was started by my great grandfather, which makes my brother and I the fourth generation. So thank you once again. It means a lot. Anyway, I do my best to visit as many local interior design blogs as I can and this is the first time I’ve come by yours so I’ll definitely be adding it to my list. Hopefully I’ll see you at Elte or Ginger’s sometime soon. We have an event coming up next week which you should definitely come to. We have Tracy Moore from CityLine coming in to host a Design Talk with three of Toronto’s top designers. It should be lots of fun.

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the amazing work. It’s a great blog.


    PS. The Second Floor at Elte opens today! (Sorry, I wish I could stop myself from shamelessly plugging news like this but it really is a big deal for us. The space is beautiful!) Hope you can come see it.