Gorgeous ROUND Mirrors: the trendiest accessory

Mirrors are undoubtedly one of the most useful accessories you will ever need. In fact, chances are you will never find a home without at least one mirror. Yes, they are required for grooming and dressing, but they are also great at expanding space by reflecting light and visually magnifying the size of any room instantly. Best of all, mirrors have come such a long way in terms of shape and style that they are definitely top contenders in the world of beautiful accessories. I have to say that my favourite are round mirrors… there is something about their circular, soft shape that makes them feel less utilitarian but rather more whimsical and dramatic to me. Here are five of my top picks, guaranteed to glam up any space. Take your pick!

The Amelia Mirror: $ 437.50; through designers

 This mirror is so unique and interesting.  I love the high gloss, gray finish and soft curvy shape… very trendy indeed.

The Starburst Mirror: $ 239.95; Crate and Barrel

A great homage to the good old retro days!  This mirror is a fabulous conversation piece with its stainless steel three-dimensional spokes and gold leaf centre detail.  While using it as a mirror in the traditional sense is probably not the goal, it has a ton of personality that can make any room sparkle!

The Taj Mahal Mirror: $ 447.50; through designers

The intricate and whimsical pattern of this mirror really makes a statement and would be a great focal point in any room.   I love how reminiscent it is of the Eastern culture… very pretty.

$ 472.50; through designers

Such a beautiful contrast between the dark wood and the sparkle of the mirror!  This mirror reminds of a pretty rose in bloom!

$ 397.50; through designers

I love the fact that this mirror can be used in both traditional and contemporary spaces.  The gold leaf finish speaks to lovers of tradition, while the multifaceted mirrors bring a graphic element that elevates this gorgeous mirror to modern elegance.

What are your thoughts? I’d love your opinion!

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2 Responses to Gorgeous ROUND Mirrors: the trendiest accessory

  1. Franca Cultrera says:

    I love the mirrors. They add such personality to what is normally just a boring wall. Such an interesting accent becomes a conversation piece and really makes the space come alive.

  2. Amanda Fraioli says:

    I don’t know which mirror I love more…they are all gorgeous!