12 Stylish Accent Tables That Will Spice Up Your Space

Every living area requires that one piece of furniture that will instantly elevate it from a tired, drab room to an interesting, unique space.  For me, this piece is the accent table.  Accent tables are great, functional pieces, perfect to rest a drink on, accommodate a table lamp, or simply use as storage.  Of course, any typical side table will do the job, but why not incorporate a trendy piece that will infuse fun and personality at the same time?  I’ve selected my favourite accent tables to share with you.  From form to function, these options are guaranteed to add a ton of impact to any space.  Take a look at them and let me know what you think!


Philippe Black End Table: Elte, visit showroom for pricing

I love this three-legged table in a two-tone finish… excellent in both contemporary and traditional spaces.


Ginger Blue Side Table: Crate and Barrel, $349.00

Hello blue!  This Moroccan-inspired accent table is fun and funky in this royal blue finish.  Gorgeous!


Champi End Table: EQ3, $249.00

This table offers great contrast with its crisp white base and warm wood tabletop.  The adjustable height is a definite bonus!


Smart Marble C Table: CB2, $149.00

Super- sleek lines in a polished chrome finish and marble top, this table would be a stunning addition to any contemporary space.


Rosewood End Table: Casalife, $328.00

This gorgeous accent table, made of rosewood, is a definite conversation piece with its graceful curves and warm wood tones.  It can also double as extra seating!


Duffy End Table: Suite 22, visit showroom for pricing

Ultra-modern and organic in nature, these accent tables scream chic design!


Martini Side Table: West Elm, $129.00

How cute is this accent table? I love this apple-green, high gloss finish.  A definite ten!!!


Bosley Sofa Table: Pier 1 Imports, $99.95

This gold tone, round metal table is just adorable.  Perfect to tuck into a corner or move around as needed!


Joshua End Table: Structube, $249.00

How cool is the shape of this table?  Three functional shelves and an interesting, irregular shape make for some great, functional design!


Lorna Acrylic Side Table: Roomy, $1450.00

Wow… this table is fantastic!  I love its transparent element, coupled with its classic shape… an ideal marriage of old and new!


Potter's Wheel Accent Table: Pottery Barn, $391.99

I love the industrial feel of this accent table.  The dark finish works well to ground the space, while its adjustable quality makes it a super-functional piece.


Balboa Side Table: Urban Barn, $199.00

This Asian-inspired piece has a sturdy, solid feel to it that will hold its own in any space, while the open shelving is great for storage of books, decorative items, or whatever else you wish!

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SEVEN Decorating Tricks Guaranteed to Expand Even Your Small Space

As the city living trend continues to rise, more and more condominium structures are being erected to meet the demand.  This can only mean one thing… less square footage per unit, often leading to a less than perfect layout.  How does this affect the proud owner of that pristine new condo?  Usually this means that unless they have design savvy, they will run into challenges turning their space into a comfortable and functional home.  The main issue more than likely has to do with furniture layout.  In many cases, the living area consists of an open concept living/dining layout that usually only functions well as one or the other, rarely having enough space to satisfy both functions simultaneously.  The kitchen is usually part of this living space, and depending on the layout, it can either relieve some of these space issues, with the use of a breakfast bar functioning as a dining area for instance, or it can certainly hinder the space in some cases.

Here are some decorating and design tricks that can do wonders in expanding your small space:

1. Opt for apartment-size pieces

Petrie Apartment Sofa, Crate and Barrel, $1799.00; Functional Coffee Table, BoConcept, $1395.00

From sofas to dining tables make sure that your furniture will fit the space.  Very often homeowners get excited about a particular piece, not realizing that it will not fit.  The key to success is to measure, measure, and measure.  It’s understandable that  you often only have access to a floor plan, making it more challenging to picture that particular sofa in the space, all the more reason to be more diligent when buying, thus avoiding costly mistakes.  Apartment size pieces are specifically made to fit into small spaces, so chances are you won’t be disappointed.  For instance, consider using an expandable dining table that takes up minimal floor space in its closed position, therefore recovering precious square footage.

2. Maintain an open floor plan

Armless Chair, Casalife, $450.00; Zite Bar stool, Urban Barn, $115.00

Aside from introducing apartment-size pieces it’s important that traffic flow is taken into consideration when furnishing a small space.  It’s really rather easy to just opt for a sofa and a matching armchair; however, you need to ensure that both pieces fit!  Are you still able to walk around the room freely without the risk of running into furniture pieces?  Does your furniture layout provide optimal visual flow?  If this is not the case, consider swapping your oversized armchair for a smaller chair with a low back, maybe even an armless version.  If you have a breakfast bar, backless bar stools are a great option… they provide the seating you need, without taking up visual space.  In the bedroom, rather than incorporating a bulky dresser, why not put your money towards a functional custom closet system instead?  Chances are the cost between the two is comparable.

3. Use mirrors strategically

Metal Spiral Pendant, Union Lighting, $729.00; Square Mirror, Casalife, $1350.00; Reflection console table, Urban barn, $469.00

Mirrors are a great way to expand any space by reflecting light and visually magnifying the size of the area instantly.  For instance, when placed in a small entryway a mirror can definitely infuse more depth, giving the illusion of a larger space.  In a living space, perhaps leaning on a wall in the dining area, a mirror can really have great impact, and imagine the reflection of a trendy chandelier… it will brighten up the area and indirectly expand it.  Another area to really consider is the bathroom and since windows are not usually present in this space, adding a large mirror over the vanity is a very effective way to visually amplify the area.  If your vanity and toilet sit on the same wall, consider installing a large mirror over them that extends the full length of the wall… you will visually double your square footage in an instant.

4. Keep clutter in check

Canvas Home Office Storage, $22.00 to $64.00; Stacked Apothecary Jars, $34.00 to $49.00; Wood and Lacquer Boxes, $14.00 to $29.00; Test Tube Spice Rack, $29.00 - all products available at West Elm

Aside from bringing forth feelings of anxiety and tension, clutter is the chief culprit in making a space feel smaller than it actually might be.  Keep your surfaces clean and minimal aside from a few tactically placed accessories, and you will be amazed at the impact this will make.  This rule of thumb applies to every area, from your entryway, to your kitchen and bathroom countertops, to your living and sleep areas.

5. Make use of glass pieces

Vision nesting tables, $399.00; Spider Dining Table, $469.00 - all products available at Structube

Instead of a wood and solid surface coffee or dining table, introduce glass instead.  The clear and reflective quality of glass can really help in expanding the space by providing uninterrupted flow.  In addition, it will add to the modern, minimal look typically sought after in condo spaces.

6. Maintain colour flow

Benjamin Moore Paint Swatches: Gray Mist CC80, Natural Cream OC14, Revere Pewter HC172; Zenith pillow, Crate and Barrel, $49.95; Tira Glass Vases, Urban Barn, $32.00 to $40.00

Even if you’re an avid fan of bold colours, sticking to a really great neutral in a small space can do wonders to expand it.  It allows the eye to flow through the space naturally, thus eliminating the otherwise choppy look often seen when too many colours are introduced.  Although the occasional accent wall colour can certainly create interest when used correctly, keeping with one main neutral colour in the rest of the space is crucial, especially when there aren’t any natural breaks in the walls.  For the colour lovers…decorate with bright and fun accessories instead, like pillows, art, or even fresh flowers.

7. Layer your lighting

Apple Glazed Ceramic Lamp, Casalife, $206.00; Cube Floor Lamp, BoConcept, $829.00; Double Shade Organza Pendant, Universal Lamp, $398.00

There is no better way to maximize the size of your space than to use multiple layers of lighting.  Even when natural light is lacking, artificial light can really work to your advantage.  Introduce floor and table lamps to brighten up those dim corners; add under-cabinet fixtures in your kitchen to provide better task lighting; hang a striking modern chandelier over your dining table.  These are just some ways to introduce light to your space and absolutely elevate the mood at the same time.  Rule of thumb…Make sure your overhead lighting is on dimmers to really add interest and drama.

As you can see, no matter how small your square footage might be, by following these simple tips you can be sure that your space will be nothing short of functional, beautiful, and definitely plenty larger.

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Beautiful Wallpapers

One of my favourite design trends is incorporating beautiful wallpapers in my interior decorating projects.  I love everything about wallpaper, from the amazing patterns and textures available, to its ability to instantly elevate the look and feel of a space.  Whether you’re a fan of pretty florals, trendy geometrics or textured grass cloths, you can be sure to find the perfect option for your space among the endless sea of choices available out there.  Here are some of my favourite wallpapers… they’re trendy, striking, and really scream ‘high-style’!



Animal prints anyone?  This trend is so hot right now, and why wouldn’t it be? This wallpaper is totally eye-catching and stylish, perfect as an accent wall.


Kasbah in Damson

I absolutely adore this Moroccan-inspired print!  The graphic pattern in this bold, rich colour really makes a statement and infuses an element of fun into the space.


Alscott Grasscloth

Adorned with a beautiful motif that adds a ton of sophistication and flair, this wallcovering offers an elegant twist to the typically rustic feel of grass cloth.


Vogue in Citrus

I love the fresh take of this leafy print, paired with the light and bright look of chartreuse.  This tone on tone palette is the perfect compromise for those who love the look of wallpaper but prefer to introduce it in subtle ways.



How fun is this wallpaper?  The peacock feathers are whimsical and unusual… a definite statement in any room.


Bravo in Black/White

The bold contrast of black and white stripes is just fantastic!  What a dramatic way to update a space and add style.


Addington Fabric

Can you believe that this wallcovering is actually fabric?  A gorgeous metallic background with these beautiful rosettes is simply stunning!


Lamps Flock in Charcoal

High drama!  This charcoal paper with printed lamp motifs has a funky, theatrical element that is both striking and glamorous.  Look at how beautifully it complements this pink lampshade.  A great way to showcase colour!


Sofi in Damson

Fun and colourful, these horizontal stripes are sure to energize any room with these dynamic and vibrant colours.


Strike Shell

I love this snakeskin print on a pure, white background…a modern print with mega style!



Augustus in Ebony

This black and white geometric print is one of my favourites.  This one has a soft element introduced by the curvy details, while the contrasting colours contribute to the drama of this beautiful wallpaper.

All wallcoverings available at through designers at CROWN WALLPAPER & FABRICS.

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Spring Decorating

Gorgeous spring blooms

As I was driving around this past weekend, I couldn’t help but stop when I saw the gorgeous spring blooms on these trees.  I knew right then and there that spring is finally here to stay, although it’s taken a while.  This happy, colourful scenery really inspired me to write this post and so I decided to blend interior design with the beautiful outdoors.


Image courtesy of House and Home: Design by Anna Spiro; Photo by Simon Kenny

This stunning living roomtotally reminds me of spring.  The wicker sofa is super fun and lively in this bold shade of pink.  The playful mix of fabrics used on the toss cushions, along with the pink and white stripes on the adjacent chair create a ton of interest and create a cohesive look.  Coffee table books are always a great way to accessorize a cocktail table, but take a look at the rest of the accessories!  I love the Chinese pottery pieces and wooden tray and boxes… what a great classic contrast against the soft pink roses and colourful furnishings!  Last but not least, wall art can never be underestimated.  The small floral prints on the wall blend well with the rest of the decor and allow your eye to move towards the neutral wall space, which really soothes an otherwise busy room.  What do you think of this space?  I decided to some research and found some great pieces that work well together to replicate this look.  Check them out!


Classic and Modern Furnishings

Clockwise from top left:  English Bay Loveseat, $499.00, In and Out Furnishings; Rosy Blush 2086-30 paint chip, Benjamin Moore; Shruti-Dove fabric swatch, Kravet; Greta Cocktail Table, Decorium (see showroom for pricing info)

Mixing classic and modern pieces works really well in this space.  Not only will it bring about balance and interest, it will also make the room feel more inviting.  Have this wicker settee refinished in this bold pink colour, re-upholster the cushion in this crisp white fabric, and pronto… seating replicated!  This streamlined metal and lacquered white cocktail table is perfect.  It’s large enough to hold all the accessories and also brings in a modern element into an otherwise traditional room.


Playful Fabrics

Clockwise from top left:  Dottie/D-8; Moire Line Rosewater; Black and White Geometrics; Jellybean-716; Poppyfield Light Blue; Pop Flower.  All fabrics by Kravet.

These playful fabrics work perfectly as toss cushions and mimic the inspiration room quite nicely.  The top right swatch, Moire Line Rosewater, would be a great upholstery fabric for the adjacent chair.  The mixture ofpatterns and prints really add interest to the look and a relaxed, casual atmosphere.


Timeless Accessories

Clockwise from left: Blue and white ceramic spheres, $1.00 each, Pier 1 Imports; Square wooden box trio, $60.00, Pier 1 Imports; Chinese blue and white landscape jar, $195.00, In Style Decor; Lurik rectangular tray, $59.95, Crate and Barrel.

These timeless accessories are exactly what this room needs to bring in an “old-world” element to the decor.  The warm wood tones against the white and royal blue accent pieces really complement each other well.



Floral Art

From left: Alive in Nature wall art; Royal Radiance wall art, $79.95 each, Pier 1 Imports.

These pieces of art bring insuch beautiful colours into the space!  They’re fun, bright, and fresh.  A wonderful homage to spring!

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Decorating with Vases

One of the quickest and most effective ways to instantly update your home is by introducing fun accessories that you love.  Whether your goal is to inject colour into a dull room or to complement your existing decor, vases are definitely a winning choice to do just that.  The best part of all is that they come in every shape, form, size, and colour, so how can you go wrong?  To make this potentially daunting job as easy as possible for you, I’ve scoured through some of my favourite shopping spots and selected my top picks.  What do you think of these?


Hand-Blown Glass Vases: at Crate and Barrel

Left to right: Naya Vase $ 29.95, Koz Vase $29.95, Zelda Vase $ 69.95: Crate and Barrel.


All About Colour

These colours selections are guaranteed to enliven any space.  Whether you use a single vase or group three of them, they’re sure to make a statement.

Clockwise from top left: Coloured Pure Egg Vase, $ 9.00 at West Elm; Chica Yellow Wall Vase, $ 14.95 at Crate and Barrel; Striated Glass Vase, $ 45.00 at Structube; Milk Glass Vases Collection, $24.95 – $29.95 at Pier 1 Imports; Purple Tira Glass Vases, $32.00(short) and $40.00 (tall) at Urban barn.



Like jewellery for your home, these gorgeous vases are sure to glisten in any room.  I love the way they reflect light and just simply shine.  A super contemporary look!

Clockwise from left: Hammered Collar Vase, $ 29.00 at West Elm; Mini Metallic Ceramic Vases (Set of 3), $ 9.95 at Pier 1 Imports; Divet Cone Vase, $ 24.00 (short) and  $ 40.00(tall) at Urban Barn; Keller Vase, $ 99.95 at Crate and Barrel.


Classic White

I love the pure and organic feel of white pottery!  It’s always fresh, clean, and crisp, perfect to brighten your space right up.

Clockwise from top left: Bag Vase, $ 3.95 at CB2; Keya Multi Tube Vases, $19.00 at Urban Barn; Blanche Large Vase, $ 14.95 at Crate and Barrel; Pure White Vase Collection (Set of 3), $ 69.00 at West Elm; Ivory Mother of Pearl Vases,  $ 69.95 and $ 79.95 at Pier 1 Imports.


Clear Glass

Clear glass has always been a typical material to use in decorating, but check out these fun, whimsical vases…a modern twist to a favourite classic.

Clockwise from top left:  Icy Glass Vase, $ 33.00 at Casalife; Glass Fish Bowl, $ 35.00 at Pier 1 Imports; 3-Ball Hanging Vase, $ 7.95 at CB2; Kiki Vase $ 14.95 at Crate and Barrel; Swirl Glass Vase, $ 19.00 at Structube.

Have you come across any great vases out there worth mentioning?

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The Florals Trend: Merging Fashion with Interiors

Floral patterns have been around for a long while.  Whether in fashion or home interiors, they have evolved over time and continue to undergo these changes with each season.  Well, this spring is certainly no different.  Florals are definitely back and here to stay for a while yet.  From large patterns to small prints, you see them everywhere…a trendy top, a gorgeous chair, a cool painting, you name it!  I’ve done a little research on the matter and have come across some simply stunning “spring-filled” rooms that showcase the perfect way to incorporate floral patterns into your home without going overboard.  Wondering how to get the look?  Keep reading and take a look at these pretty home accessories that can help you in your quest to achieving the best “spring-loaded” room.


The Florals Trend: Image courtesy of In Style

And here it is… the florals trend!  This is definitely a pretty, soft look, perfect for a dress and a toss cushion all the same!


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Angus Fergusson

How chic and pretty is this room?  Check out how beautifully florals are introduced in the soft white panels.  The bold shades of pink in these flowers certainly awaken this room and introduce a fresh, spring atmosphere.  The black toss cushions with the white floral pattern contribute much interest and provide a sophisticated feel.


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Kim Christie

This has to be the happiest room ever!  The bright yellow accents, set against the crisp white furnishings is just fantastic.  Note how cleverly florals are introduced here in the form of bold artwork.  Lovely!


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Angus Fergusson

The bold blue palette in this room reminds me of a seaside getaway.  I love how the floral print is used on the upholstered pieces as a large pattern, and on the draperies as a small pattern that simply works well to create a cohesive look.


Image courtesy of House and Home: photo by Kirsten Hinder

These chairs make a definite statement in this large print floral fabric.  They do wonders to
soften the cool, hard edges in this classic room and introduce a playful, whimsical element effortlessly.


The Carly Chair: Crate and Barrel

The classic shape of this chair against this soft, updated floral pattern is just exquisite! I love the light, bright feel of the yellow frame.  A great accent piece!


The Olivier Chair: West Elm

A contemporary take on floral upholstery, this modern chair is quite attractive in the blue-gray and brown palette.  It really fits well in any modern space without feeling stuffy or traditional.


The Burnet Pillow: In-Style Decor

With a beautiful array of bold colours, the floral aspect of this pillow is simply striking.  Perfect to revive any room!


The Chrysanthemum Pillow: In-Style Decor

Check out this stunning pillow!  The embroidered details give it a traditional feel, while the bold colour palette screams contemporary.  I love this one!


Kiku I: Leftbank Art

Floral artwork with a super-modern twist!  This piece will brighten up any room in the house.


Majestic Floral II: Leftbank Art

Isn’t this the prettiest watercolour piece of art you’ve ever seen?  I love how the soft pastels blend in with each other, introducing a definite touch of spring in the air!


The Margaritte Embroidered Panels: Pottery Barn

These drapery panels are the perfect accessory to bring in florals into your space.  The bright and cheery pattern, set against the soft cream background is understated but has loads of personality all at once!


The Vanessa Floral Panels: Pottery Barn

With a more traditional take on florals, these drapery panels are really a lot of fun.  They are ideal for introducing a bit of colour and a lot of charm into your space.

Are you sold on the Florals Trend yet?  Send me your thoughts!

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Ready to Lounge?

The last couple of days have finally revealed some hope of good weather to come.  I have to say that I was inspired… I finally packed away my boots and said goodbye to my winter coat.  I know, it’s taken a while but I’ve finally done it.  I think it’s safe to say that patio furniture can finally come out of hibernation, and in particular, lounging pieces.  I searched high and low to find a few nice loungers that made me want to stay outside all day long, or even all night, and this is what I came up with.

Andrew Richard Designs

This beautiful lounger is perfect for an afternoon nap, to curl up and read a book, or just enjoy the sunshine.  I love its inviting feel and sturdy design. 

Delpropico Designs

Talk about a conversation piece!  This super-fun lounger is just so striking in a fun fuchsia paint finish, but also feels very grown up, paired with khaki fabric and a dramatic black and white houndstooth pillow.  I just love it!

Inside Out

I think this lounger is very pretty.  The soft, white finish and rounded shape are really enticing, not to mention how comfortable it looks.  It even offers sun protection… beautifully designed!

Restoration Hardware

Wow!  This lounger/daybed is just fabulous.  How many of your friends can you fit in this?  This is definitely a piece of furniture that has the power to keep you outdoors for a long time.  Leave the chores for later!

Do you have a favourite?

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Dining in Style

Aside from being an essential part of living, I consider dining to be one of the top pleasures in most people’s lives.  I, for one, really enjoy eating, whether it’s in the comfort of my own home or in the company of good friends in a cool restaurant.  Dining is often associated with entertaining; nothing beats spending the evening with your favourite people and enjoying a delicious dinner, along with great conversation.  While you’re at it, why not go all out and dine in style?  Take a look at these extraordinary dining spaces; whatever your decorating style might be, I’m certain that dinner would be a lot more interesting sitting at these tables!

Classic Elegance

This dining room is classic and modern simultaneously.  The architectural details on the walls, fireplace, and ceiling scream timeless sophistication, while the contemporary lines of the furnishings elevate this dining room to modern style.  I love the two-tone credenza… it’s simply perfect in this space!  Nothing is more ideal than the striking crystal chandelier to marry classic flair with modern glamour. 

Moroccan Getaway

Colour lovers, feast your eyes on this beauty!  How incredible is this room?  This Moroccan-inspired dining space is so full of life and energy.  I love how warm wood tones have been merged with vibrant colour.  These gorgeous bone in-lay chairs are truly a conversation piece, as is the blown glass chandelier, the astonishing mosaic tiled ceiling… the whole room is truly breath-taking! 

Modern Chic

A room with a view! Clean lines and splashes of colour make for a chic dining experience in this modern space.  The large, bright windows really expand the space and contribute to the streamlined aspect of this luxurious penthouse dining room.  Picture it at night when the whole city is lit up… no television required!

French Country Retreat

Imagine having breakfast in this gorgeous rustic setting!  This veranda is just sublime with its tall, shuttered windows and doors, simple table and chairs, all surrounded by the pure beauty of nature.  French country living is certainly an inspiration and an aspiration for me; I’d make my way there in a heartbeat!

Out at Sea

Can you believe that this dramatic dining room is in a yacht?  Talk about living the high life!  Any dinner would be to die for in this stylish setting.  I love how the classic style of the chairs is paired with the modern artwork pieces, creating a perfectly eclectic spot for exquisite entertaining. 

Yes… dining and entertaining are definitely at the top of MY list of favourite things to do, especially in any one of these amazing rooms.  Which space can you see yourself in?  

 All images are courtesy of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST


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Keeping up with 2011 Decorating Trends

One great thing I find about the design industry is its ability to constantly develop… it’s totally inspiring every single day!  Decorating trends arise, evolve, eventually disappear, and then tend to resurface once again when we least expect it.  I had the opportunity to attend a “2011 Design Trends” seminar this week and, as always, I found myself to be quite fascinated by the changes in our industry.  From the resurrection of light wood and brass to the use of animal print and bold colour, this year shows some real promise in the “change” department.


When I came across this image, I was completely blown away by how well all of today’s trends were incorporated in this space.  As you’ve probably already heard before, grey is the “new neutral”.  Look at how beautifully it works here as a backdrop for this striking light wood console, brass accents found in the lamp bases and artwork frame, and fun animal print on this gorgeous chair.  Let’s not forget the bold hits of colour saturating this room…the vibrant red really makes a statement and makes this space come alive.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor




Supreme Sidebar: Elte

That’s right, light wood is back in and espresso finishes are out!  I know, you’re wondering why I would choose a piece that incorporates light and dark wood then, to replicate this room.  I have to say, I still love dark wood, it does wonders to ground the space and let’s face it, it looks stunning against the softness of the doors on this beautiful sideboard… a great alternative to the one used in the inspiration room.


Sherrer Louis XVI Arm Chair: Korson Imports

This chair offers the perfect eclectic mix of old and new.  I love the traditional Louis XVI style of the chair frame, totally updated by the black upholstered seat and lacquered finish… and of course, the unexpected funky zebra print gives this chair a definite, modern twist.


Red Shimmer Velvet Pillows: In Style Decor

In my opinion, colour is always in style.  Our inspiration room is saturated with beautiful crimson red accents that infuse a ton of fun and personality to the space.  To replicate the look, I chose these rich velvet toss cushions with just a hint of gold along the trim.  A perfect addition to the colour palette!

"Red Revolution IV": Leftbank Art

I love the boldness and graphic element of this art piece.  Just like in our inspiration room, this print is the ideal candidate to inject instant drama and vitality to the space.  The gold leaf frame adds a touch of glamour to an otherwise super-modern piece of art.


Emherst Lamp: In Style Decor

When you think of brass, you probably automatically imagine those dated fixtures you might find in your grandparents’ basement.   Well, no more!  This table lamp is totally chic, contemporary, and yes, it’s brass!  What is the difference, you ask?  The modern take on brass now calls for a more distressed, brushed finish that steers away from the old-fashioned polished look.  Along with the clean, rectangular lines of this white linen shade, a pair of these beauties is definitely a winning pick for our replicated room.

Now that you’re up to date on what’s hot out there, go ahead and do the same in your space… just remember, if you own a piece that you absolutely adore, keep it…what you love is always in style!

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Wall Clocks or Works of Art?

Part of my job description as an interior decorator involves going out to source products for my projects.  During one of these fun shopping trips, I happened to visit a very trendy showroom, Suite 22.  Located in Markham, Ontario, Suite 22 carries modern, Italian furnishings and accessories, including the coolest wall clocks I’ve ever seen! 

Gone are the days when wall clocks were merely a functional tool, designed just to tell the time.  From funky cuckoo clocks to graphic wall art, the possibilities are endless, especially at this fabulous showroom!  Take a look at these interesting finds… they don’t disappoint!


Colour, colour, and more colour!  Made out of Murano blown glass strips, this clock is so much fun… it’ll surely to brighten up any space!

En Suspend

Unique and multi-functional, this sleek wall clock comes with its very own coat hanger hook!  To top it all off, it’s available in a rainbow of colours to suit any taste.  Just take your pick!


I love the graphic and whimsical elements of this double frame lacquered clock.  Very cool retro feel too!

Ci Vediamo

How many shapes can you make with metal wire?  This lacquered metal wire clock is truly a work of art… very graphic.


How cute is this cuckoo clock? Constructed out of wood, this neat clock comes in black, white, green, and red lacquer.


Modern glamour!!! I love it… I want it…


Clock and wall art, all rolled into one!  I love the whimsical butterflies breaking away from this gorgeous clock.  Very pretty!


Four clocks in one… you’ll never get those time zones confused again.  Note how each clock features a different number…creative!

Non Ti Scordar

The composition of metal square shapes that make up this clock reminds me of a bunch of sticky notes.  You’ll never forget what to do next! 

Cucu Wood

An updated version of the traditional cuckoo clock with an element of rustic charm… perfect for the cottage!


This clock is fabulous!  Oversized and created out of knitted cotton, it’s so unexpected and unique!  The cotton cover is completely removable and washable… imagine that!

Fuso 2

This graphic clock is made out of Murano glass.  I love the dramatic effect of its glossy black finish and its element of fun accentuated by the oversized numbers. 

I could really go on and on about the options available, but I think I need to stop now!  These are some of my favourites… perfect for many interior decorating projects I would say.  If you’re interested in seeing more, check out www.suite22.ca.  Happy shopping!

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